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Special report

Data on homelessness in the United States is inaccurate. By most measures, the figure is just under 600,000. However, the number of people who are homeless for brief periods is different from those who are permanently homeless – and the numbers have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. For reasons at least partly related to the pandemic, a portion of Americans — up to 35% in some states — say they’ve missed their rent or mortgage payments or have little confidence in their ability to pay next month, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey. (These are states where people can’t pay their mortgages.)

Among the aspects of the homelessness problem that are commonly discussed is the fact that the country is far from finding a solution. Another is that solutions, even those that partially solve the problem, have been expensive. According to CNBC, New York City spent $3 billion to support its homeless population in 2019. And by current metrics, New York is the state with the most homeless people per capita in America.

To compile a list of the number of homeless people in each state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the most comprehensive study of homelessness in America, state of homelessness: 2021 editionpublished by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

As invaluable as the study is, the authors point out a significant downside to the work:

“The current report,” they point out, “is inspired by the one-time national count that took place in January 2020, just weeks before COVID-19 was declared a national emergency. Thus, the data does not reflect any of the changes brought about by the crisis.

The report examines several aspects of the problem, basing itself first and foremost on demographic and geographical data. The basis of the report is that 580,466 people were left homeless in January 2020. About a third were families with children. Data on veterans and unaccompanied youth were also collected. The study also collected information on homeless people who were housed and those who were not housed.

Men are much more likely to be homeless than women. White Americans are more likely to be homeless than black Americans. However, since there are many more whites than blacks, this number is only of partial value.

Over the past decade and a half, homelessness has started to decline, but has risen again rapidly in recent years. There were 657,248 homeless Americans in 2007. Of course, that was at the start of the Great Recession. It fell to 549,528 in 2016. (These are the richest and poorest states in America.)

Logically, the largest state in the country by population would have the most homelessness. It’s true. California had 161,548 in 2020. This population relationship breaks down based on the next state. New York ranks fourth among states in terms of population behind California, Texas and Florida. It ranked second in the homeless population with 91,271. This is mainly due to the size of this population in New York.

Therefore, raw population may not be the best way to assess homelessness by geography. The study also examines homelessness per 10,000 people of the total population. On that basis, New York State has the highest number at 46.9, followed by Hawaii at 45.6 and California at 40.9.

Click here to see the state with the most homelessness

Renewal Ranch receives $750,000 from BancorpSouth and FHLB Dallas Thu, 20 Jan 2022 21:08:02 +0000

BancorpSouth Bank, a division of Cadence Bank (NYSE: CADE), and Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) have awarded a $750,000 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant to Renewal Ranch for the to help build a $1.9 million residential facility on its campus. .

This press release is multimedia. View the full press release here:

BancorpSouth Bank and FHLB Dallas provided a $750,000 Affordable Housing Program grant to Renewal Ranch to help build a $1.9 million residential facility on its campus. (Photo: BusinessWire)

Renewal Ranch is a faith-based residential addiction recovery program for men ages 21 and older located on 116 acres near Conway, Arkansas.

“The men in our second phase of recovery are reintegrating into society and working, but we don’t have enough housing for them on campus, so we’ve had to rent units in an apartment complex in Conway. “said John Berry, director of operations at Renewal Ranch. “AHP funding will allow us to build a residential facility that will have 42 rooms. This will allow us to house all of the men in our on-campus programs with caring, caring staff on-site.

Tammie Davis, president of Central Arkansas Market for BancorpSouth, said the bank has been disbursing funds through AHP since the early 1990s.

“We are honored to use AHP funding to help Renewal Ranch expand its residential accommodations,” Ms. Davis said. “We are strong believers in this program and appreciate the opportunity to partner with FHLB Dallas to provide affordable housing in the many communities we serve.”

AHP funds are intended to help FHLB Dallas members finance the purchase, construction and/or rehabilitation of owner-occupied, rental or transitional housing, and housing for the homeless. The funds must be used to benefit households whose income is equal to or less than 80% of the region’s median income.

In 2021, FHLB Dallas awarded $18.5 million in grants to 26 affordable housing projects. The grants will help create 2,113 new or rehabilitated housing units, including $1.5 million for 102 units in Arkansas.

Between 1990 and 2021, FHLB Dallas awarded $344.6 million in AHP and Homeownership Set-Aside programs and helped nearly 60,000 households.

Greg Hettrick, senior vice president and director of community investment at FHLB Dallas, said AHP provides a way for its members to support vulnerable populations such as those seeking recovery from alcohol abuse. and drugs.

“This AHP funding will allow Renewal Ranch to expand its accommodations to provide supportive residential care to its program participants,” Mr. Hettrick said. “We are proud to join BancorpSouth Bank in this endeavor.”

For more information on the AHP, visit

About Cadence Bank

Cadence Bank (NYSE: CADE) is a leading regional banking franchise with approximately $50 billion in assets and more than 400 branches in the South, Midwest and Texas. Cadence offers consumers, businesses and businesses a full range of innovative banking and financial solutions. Services and products include consumer banking, consumer loans, mortgages, home equity lines and loans, credit cards, corporate and business banking, money management treasury, specialty lending, asset-based lending, commercial real estate, equipment financing, correspondent banking, SBA lending, foreign exchange, wealth management, investment and trust services, financial planning, plan management pensions and personal and commercial insurance. Cadence is committed to a culture of respect, diversity and inclusion both in its workplace and in communities. Cadence Bank, Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

About Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas is one of 11 district banks in the FHLBank system established by Congress in 1932. FHLB Dallas, with total assets of $60.2 billion as of September 30, 2021, is a cooperative owned by its members that supports housing and community development by providing competitively priced loans and other credit products to approximately 800 members and associated institutions in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas . For more information visit our website at

9 Recent Investments in Retaining and Recruiting Hospital Staff Wed, 19 Jan 2022 22:59:44 +0000

Several states, hospitals and health systems have made investments to retain and recruit employees as the country faces a significant labor shortage.

Nine healthcare workforce investments so far this month, as reported by Becker’s:

1. South Carolina hospital offers employees up to $10,000 for home purchase assistance
Beaufort (SC) Memorial Hospital has created a Homebuyer Assistance Program to help staff buy homes or refinance mortgages, with assistance of up to $10,000.

2. Mayo Clinic will award a 2% raise with multiplier
Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minn., will offer its employees a 2% raise in 2022 with a multiplier of 2.75, which is equal to the raise they received in 2020 before the pandemic and is below the national trend, the Publish a newsletter reported on January 18.

3. UC Health raises minimum wage to $15 an hour
The University of Cincinnati Health has raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour and is offering market wage adjustments and an employee incentive program, The Cincinnati Investigator reported on January 10.

4. Texas hospital offers nurses $20,000 signing bonuses at recruiting event
Corpus Christi, Texas-based Christus Spohn Health System offered up to $20,000 in signing bonuses to nurses at a Jan. 12 recruiting event at Shoreline Hospital.

6. New York Governor Announces $10 Billion Investment in State Health Care Workforce
New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced on January 5 a multi-year investment of $10 billion in health care, including $4 billion for salaries and bonuses for health care workers.

seven. Connecticut’s $34 million aid package to cover lost wages and other expenses for essential workers
Connecticut Comptroller Natalie Braswell and the General Assembly Labor Committee released a $34 million relief package Jan. 3 for essential workers, which covers lost wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses and out-of-pocket expenses. burial of COVID-19, the CT Mirror reported.

8. Billings Clinic recruits nurses overseas
The Billings Clinic (Montreal) is hiring international nurses through a partnership with Avant Healthcare Professionals, a Florida-based company that supplies international nurses to healthcare organizations in the United States, spokesperson Zach Benoit said. Becker’s.

9. Mayo Clinic Health System Fairmont offers sign-up and community referral bonuses
The Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont, Minnesota is offering a sign-up incentive for nurses and a community referral bonus for all open positions as part of its latest recruiting efforts.

Mortgage values ​​fall from 2020 high, but new homebuyers still feel the pain | Greg Jericho Mon, 17 Jan 2022 21:32:34 +0000

Iimagine that in November 2019 you looked into a crystal ball and predicted a global pandemic that we would still be grappling with two years later. Would you have thought then that now would be a good time to buy or sell a house?

You might have thought that economic pandemonism and the closing of borders to foreign travelers would signal bad news for the housing market and therefore would be a good time to sell.

After all, in November 2019, the market was rather weak and real estate prices barely increased. So maybe you decided to grab the cash before a crash and laugh all the way to the bank.

If you have, you have clearly forgotten the mantra of the Australian political class: the housing market must not falter.

Thus, two years later, in November 2021, the value of new mortgages taken out was 64% higher than it was two years earlier:

Click here if the graph is not displayed

The series of economic stimulus measures, ranging from historically low interest rates to the home building program, propelled an increase in mortgage borrowing:

If the graph does not appear click here

While there had been a slight slowdown in the growth of new mortgages during the foreclosure in NSW and Victoria, November saw a strong recovery of 6.9% across the country, led by 9% in New South Wales and 7.9% in Victoria:

If the graph does not appear click here

Everything suggests that housing prices will continue to grow strongly, at least for the first half of this year.

Although, thankfully, mortgage growth is not reaching the insane levels seen in mid-2020, when the value of new mortgages rose 160% from year-ago levels, current growth suggests that the annual increase in real estate prices will remain around 15% to 20% for some time:

If the graph does not appear click here

But luckily we have lower interest rates, right? Well… for now.

As I noted last week, the market expects interest rates to rise this year (I must admit I am less bullish). But even still, lower interest rates have not improved affordability as much as one might expect.

Across the country, the average mortgage size has risen sharply during the pandemic.

Among the Eastern States, the average new mortgage has increased between 22% and 25% since November 2019, while in Tasmania it has increased by 31%:

If the graph does not appear click here

This massive increase is not enough to overcome the drop in interest rates.

In New South Wales, the average mortgage in November was $769,459, just over $156,000 higher than it was two years earlier.

If you had taken out a 30-year mortgage in November 2019 worth $613,334, paying the average low mortgage rate of 4.15%, you would have paid $2,981 per month in repayments.

On the other hand, if you had taken out a loan of $769,459 in November of last year at an interest rate of 3.45%, your repayments would be $3,434 per month, or $453 more:

If the graph does not appear click here

This is the issue of housing affordability. It’s fine to talk about low interest rates, but if the principle has risen to the point of reversing the rate cut, then you’re no better off.

It’s always worth remembering that lower interest rates help most people who already have a loan.

Those who took out a loan in Sydney 10 years ago have absolutely benefited from lower rates – their repayments are around $1,000 less – as rising house prices have meant new entrants are less well off:

If the graph does not appear click here

And crucially, those who have taken out loans in the past two years will not benefit from the rate cut – it is the lowest they will ever get.

For first-time buyers, the news isn’t so bad.

The overwhelming majority of the growth in mortgage size has come from those who are likely selling their home and buying a new one:

If the graph does not appear click here

But even here, the average first-time buyer’s mortgage in NSW is up 16% ($82,362) since November 2019. That means paying $173 more per month on average than a first-time buyer who took out a loan two years ago.

And remember it’s $173 additional. The average monthly repayments in New South Wales on a first-time home buyer’s loan paying the reduced mortgage rate of 3.45% are $2,557, or almost $31,000 a year.

So yes, low interest rates make affordability better than it would have with higher rates. But these low rates and tax measures in turn raise prices and therefore affect the size of mortgages.

For new homebuyers, it seems they are still affected anyway.

]]> Compass Mortgage Opens New Office in Franklin, TN Fri, 14 Jan 2022 23:16:32 +0000

Warrenville, Ill. –

Compass Mortgage has opened a new office in Franklin, Tennessee, which will be the company’s largest office outside of its headquarters in Warrenville, Illinois. The new office, which opened on December 6, 2021, has three private offices, two application rooms and twenty workstations, or cubicles for Compass employees to work. The new office is located at 720 Cool Springs Blvd Suite 110, Franklin, TN 37067.

Compass Mortgage’s motto, as a mortgage processor, is “Home to a Better Mortgage Experience,” according to their website. As a company, they strive to stand out through their corporate culture, work ethic, and the quality of their end results. They list three core values ​​on their website. The first is Infinite Worth, the belief that all people are valuable and that each person should be treated with dignity and respect. As a mortgage provider, they do this by viewing their customers as people they have relationships with, not just transactions. The company also holds to a value of integrity, claiming that it adheres to a strict moral and ethical code that will not be violated in any situation. According to its website, Compass Mortgage offers its clients complete transparency through communication, to ensure that they will uphold their moral and ethical code. Finally, Compass Mortgage’s core values ​​include excellence, or going above and beyond in everything they do. On their website they quote “You always move in one direction: either you get better or you get worse”.

This new Compass Mortgage office joins a number of other offices in the US Midwest and elsewhere, including offices in Johnston, Iowa; Sister Bay, Wis.; and Stuart, Florida. The company also has an office in Chicago, Illinois, about 30 miles east of its headquarters in Warrenville, their largest office. They are licensed to conduct financial assistance business in several other US states, which means homebuyers in Arizona, California, Texas, and Georgia, among others, can still finance their home with Compass Mortgage. The company offers home loans for all sorts of home buying situations, whether it’s buying your first home, expanding or downsizing a different sized home, or buying a home. financial assistance to renovate or build a house, or to buy a second home, such as a vacation home. Investors who wish to purchase investment properties can also finance their real estate purchases with Compass Mortgage.

There is much more information about mortgages and types of home purchases available on the Compass Mortgage website. Those interested in learning more about mortgages from Compass Mortgage can find these resources on their website or check out the company’s Facebook page here for even more information and insights.

In addition to their Core Values, the Compass Mortgages team follows ‘Aspiring Values’, which they pursue in all of their work. The company website represents these values ​​as GRACE G is for Grit, what they call sustaining passion and perseverance for long-term goals. R stands for responsibility, and A is adaptability, the ability to change as the environment or circumstances change, because change is constant. Finally, the C in GRACE stands for “Customer Experience” while E stands for “Effective Communication”, which is an important part of a good customer experience. They will bring all of these values ​​to the table when they start working in their brand new office in Franklin, Tennessee. Those interested can visit the company’s website for more information.


For more information about Compass Mortgage, contact the company here:

Mortgage Compass
Blake DeYoung | Vice President of Marketing
(630) 836-2512
27755 Diehl Road, Suite 100 Warrenville, IL 60555

Southside Bancshares, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Year-End Earnings Call Fri, 14 Jan 2022 21:35:31 +0000

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TYLER, Texas, Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Southside Bancshares, Inc. (“Southside”) (NASDAQ: SBSI), the holding company of Southside Bank, today announced that it will report its financial results for fourth quarter and year-end results before market open on Friday, January 28, 2022. Southside will host a conference call to discuss its results on Friday, January 28, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. CST.

The call will be hosted by Lee R. Gibson, President and CEO, Julie Shamburger, Chief Financial Officer and Lindsey Bailes, Vice President, Investor Relations. Following the prepared remarks, there will be a question and answer session for the analyst community.

Conference call details

The call can be accessed by dialing 844-775-2540 and identifying conference ID number 5753376 or identifying “Southside Bancshares, Inc. Fourth Quarter and Year End 2021 Earnings Call”. To listen to the call via webcast, register at

For those unable to listen to the live conference call, a recording will be available from approximately 2:00 p.m. CST on January 28, 2022 to 2:00 p.m. CST on February 9, 2022 by accessing the Company’s website, https://

It is recommended that those wishing to participate in the conference call log in or register on the website approximately 5-10 minutes prior to the conference call to ensure a more efficient registration process.

About Southside Bancshares, Inc.

Southside Bancshares, Inc. is a bank holding company headquartered in Tyler, Texas, with approximately $7.14 billion in assets as of September 30, 2021. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Southside Bank , Southside currently operates 56 branches and a network of 73 ATMs. / ITM in East Texas, Southeast Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and Houston areas. Serving customers since 1960, Southside Bank is a community-focused financial institution that offers a full range of financial products and services to individuals and businesses. These products and services include consumer and commercial loans, mortgages, deposit accounts, safe deposit boxes, cash management, wealth management, trust services, brokerage services and a range of online and mobile.

To learn more about Southside Bancshares, Inc., please visit our Investor Relations website at Our Investor Relations site provides a detailed overview of our business, financial information and historical stock price data. To receive email notification of company news, events and stock market activity, please sign up on the Email Notification portion of the website. Questions or comments can be directed to Lindsey Bailes at 903-630-7965, or

For further information: Lindsey Bailes 903-630-7965

main logo

Source: Southside Bancshares, Inc.

Mid America Mortgage Welcomes Jarred Talmadge to Its Team of Reverse Mortgage Experts | Nation and world Wed, 12 Jan 2022 12:02:38 +0000

Rising mortgage rates – highest rate since June 2020 Tue, 11 Jan 2022 04:04:33 +0000

We want to help you make more informed decisions. Certain links on this page – clearly marked – may direct you to a partner website and allow us to earn a referral commission. For more information see How we make money.

Mortgage rates jumped last week to 3.4%, their highest level since June 2020.

This new 30-year average fixed mortgage rate is an increase of 0.13% from last week’s average rate of 3.27%, the largest weekly increase in more than 10 months.

Last week’s jump is in line with the consensus among housing experts that mortgage rates will rise in 2022. The only question, according to experts, is when and how quickly will they rise?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen record inflation and record COVID-19 cases push and pull rates. Despite the uncertainty of the surge in COVID cases, last week’s increase is in line with recent statements by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell that the Fed expects to hike rates three times in 2022. As the Fed raises rates as the economy improves, mortgage and refinancing rates are sure to follow, experts say.

Here is an overview of the evolution of rates and experts’ forecasts for the future.


Last week’s average mortgage rate is based on mortgage rate information provided by national lenders to, which, like NextAdvisor, is owned by Red Ventures.

2022 mortgage rates and the housing market: what to expect

Experts predicted that we would see an increase in rates and volatility in December and through 2022, and much of it has been. Last week’s increase in the 30-year average fixed mortgage rate from 3.27% to 3.4% is the largest weekly increase in the past 10 months. And the last time the rates were this high was when the pandemic started in June 2020 – over a year and a half ago.

Expect the increases to continue, experts say.

Average 30-year fixed mortgage rates will reach 4% by the end of 2022, said Joel Kan, an economist at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Kan cites the expected economic growth in 2022 and one of the main reasons for this prediction.

The Federal Reserve’s announcement that there could be up to three rate hikes in 2022 reinforces the belief that rates will continue to rise in 2022.

Part of this is because the economy is better prepared to deal with new waves of rising COVID cases than it was at the start of the pandemic, says Logan Mohtashami, HousingWire data analyst. Subsequent increases in COVID cases have not had as much of a negative impact on the economy as the initial wave, so even as the pandemic continues, rates will likely continue to rise, he says.

If you look at the Delta variant, “economic growth has continued relatively slowly,” Danielle Hale, chief economist at recently told us. The new variants will have less of an impact on real economic activity, she said.

The majority of consumers share the opinion of the experts. According to a recent housing study by Fannie Mae, 56% of Americans believe mortgage rates will rise in the next 12 months.

While current rates aren’t as low as the under 3% we saw earlier this year, they’re still very low historically – and still at attractive refinancing levels. They remain well below the levels of almost 4% at which they were before the pandemic.

Fannie Mae estimates that up to 38% of people with a mortgage could reduce their rate by at least 0.50%, which would translate into significant savings over the life of the loan. These lower interest rates could also benefit homebuyers, as it would mean less interest paid in the long run.

Mortgage rates last week compared to previous years

Last three years 30-year average fixed mortgage rate
january 2020 3.81%
January 2021 2.95%
January 2022 3.4%

Mortgage rates bottomed a year ago when they hit record lows below 3%. That’s almost half a percent lower than current mortgage rates. But two years ago, the 30-year average fixed mortgage rate was 3.81%, which is significantly higher than today.

The sharp drop in rates in 2021 was largely the result of the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Federal Reserve’s reactive policies to support the economy. Almost 9 million workers reported losing their jobs in 2020, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In an effort to avoid widespread foreclosures, the Federal Reserve has implemented policies to lower interest rates to make housing more affordable. Lower interest rates can help keep home buying affordable and encourage homeowners to refinance to lower monthly mortgage payments.

What borrowers need to know about these mortgage rates

Here’s what buyers and homeowners should know about expected mortgage rates.

New buyers

Experts believe the real estate market is starting to cool. But buyer demand is expected to remain high, Kan recently told us. “We have a lot of young people in the population entering, or already at, the age of homeownership,” says Kan. But as house prices have risen over the past year, you might need a larger down payment to stay within an affordable range. While a low mortgage rate can help offset down payment expenses, a large home loan can overshadow the potential savings of a low mortgage rate.

Most experts say to go out of sync with the market and buy when the time is right for your personal situation. If you’ve stood on the sidelines hoping the prices will drop, you might be disappointed, Glen Brunker, president of Ally Home, recently told us. Since home price appreciation is expected to increase, market timing is not a recommended strategy, he said.

Whatever your decision, housing experts recommend planning ahead by:

  1. Savings of at least 10%, ideally 20%, down payment
  2. Know how much house you can afford
  3. Don’t rush into buying a home
  4. Stick to a home buying budget
  5. Find an experienced real estate agent with whom you are comfortable

Existing owners

Rising mortgage rates may make refinancing seem like no longer a good option, but that is not necessarily true. A good rule of thumb is that if you can get a new mortgage rate 0.75% to 1% lower than your current rate, it might be a good idea to refinance. Homeowners who are reluctant to refinance may want to consider it. Mortgage rates are expected to continue on their upward trajectory in the long term, so it may be worthwhile to analyze the numbers with a few lenders to see if you can benefit.

Interest rate and term refinancing could go a long way in reducing not only your monthly payments, but also the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. With home values ​​across the country having increased in the past year, you can also benefit from the increase in your home equity by refinancing with cash. Cash-out refinances fell from 37% to 49% of total refinances in the first half of this year, according to mortgage data analysis firm Black Knight. A withdrawal refi can be a useful tool to help pay off high interest debt, pay for college expenses, or fund a home improvement project.

Ohio State Football Scholarship Chart 2022 Thu, 06 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State football kicks off the new year with a full roster for the 2022 season.

Some pending decisions for the upcoming NFL Draft – and some potential roster attrition by late spring – will determine how much leeway the Buckeyes have to add more players for this fall.

The addition of Tanner McCalister as a transfer brought the total player count to 87. This does not include players who have been in the NFL Draft before, such as Chris Olave, Nicholas Petit-Frere, Tyreke Smith and Garrett Wilson. This includes those who have yet to announce their draft plans, such as Sevyn Banks and Zach Harrison.

Ohio State’s 2022 class stands at 20 after Omari Abor and Carson Hinzman post-signing commitments. More players could join next week. According to NCAA rule, teams must be reduced to 85 stock players by the start of the 2022 season. For the spring, only the first 10 known registrants will count towards this stock exchange number.

However, this does mean that the state of Ohio must be selective when deciding to add more players through the transfer portal.

Here is the latest update:

Elders: 13

Juniors: 17

Second year : 26

First year students: 31

Total: 87

Commitments 2023: 2

2024 commitments: 0

Get the latest Ohio State Buckeyes merchandise: Here is where you can order Ohio State football gear online including jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and much more.

More Buckeyes Blanket

Tanner McCalister, former Okla security manager. St., transferred to OSU

What McCalister’s arrival means for high school

Williamson’s tweets on Meyer and OSU elicit reactions from teammates

What Hinzman’s Commitment to OSU Means

Carson Hinzman, 4 stars of OL, commits to OSU

Harrison Jr. proved the red zone’s worth at the Rose Bowl

What the Draft Teague Decision Means

Teague III declares himself for 2022 NFL draft

Ransom provides an update on his leg surgery

Laurinaitis joins the technical staff of Notre Dame

OSU hoops remain # 13 in AP poll

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Bank of San Antonio operator acquires stakes in San Antonio Legacy Mutual Mortgage Tue, 04 Jan 2022 18:58:19 +0000 Texas Partners Bank, which operates the Bank of San Antonio and two other banks, said on Tuesday it had acquired stakes in Legacy Mutual Mortgage.

San Antonio-based Texas Partners Bank said Legacy’s mortgage platform expands the scope of the bank’s service offerings.

“This was an opportunity to increase our mortgage offerings in a very significant way,” said J. Bruce Bugg, executive chairman of Texas Partners Bank. “It’s all about scale, really, in this industry. “

The terms were not disclosed.

On Washington, DC, company acquires soon-to-open VA clinic in northwest San Antonio

San Antonio-based Legacy closed $ 2.7 billion in home loans for more than 7,200 families last year. Sixty percent of Legacy’s business is in the San Antonio and Austin areas, although it operates in other cities in Texas as well as Nashville and Denver. It has been around for 17 years.

“The partnership with Texas Partners Bank is the next step in Legacy’s growth trajectory,” Legacy CEO Dan Diepenhorst said in a statement. “Our loan officers will have the opportunity to partner with the bank to expand lending solutions to help our communities grow.”

Legacy, which primarily generates loans and then sells them in the market, will become an operating subsidiary of the bank, Bugg said. Texas Partners Bank will own a minority stake in the limited partnership, but 100 percent of the general partner of Legacy. Diepenhorst and its partners are the other limited partners.

Legacy’s presence in the San Antonio and Austin markets allows Texas Partners Bank to examine mortgages that could be candidates for the bank’s loan portfolio, Bugg said. The bank would have the right of first refusal but would have no obligation to enter mortgages on its books.

“We estimate that we will increase approximately $ 70 million in mortgages through this partnership, but a lot of those mortgages will not appear on our balance sheet,” Bugg said.

On Bank of San Antonio mergers with Austin, Hill Country Banks

In addition to Bank of San Antonio, Texas Partners Bank operates Bank of Austin and Texas Hill Country Bank. Texas Partners Bank has over $ 2 billion in assets.

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