Georgia Infrastructure Funds $73M Where It Goes

It will improve Georgia’s infrastructure around lakes, dams, ports and other state resources.

ATLANTA – A new round of federal infrastructure funding from the Biden administration Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act will bring $73 million to Georgia.

Democratic Representative Lucy McBath announced on Wednesday that the new round of infrastructure funding is heading to the Peach State. She said it would “bring much-needed investment to Georgia and provide economic growth and job opportunities for our state.”

The congresswoman’s office said the funding – $73,664,000 to be exact – would go into a “wide range of infrastructure projects through the Army Corps of Engineers.”

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This will improve Georgia’s infrastructure around lakes, dams, ports and other state resources.

“By funding these projects, we are improving the health and well-being of our communities, strengthening our supply chains, and growing our economy to remain competitive in America and around the world,” McBath said.

Here are some of the projects the money will go to. You can also scroll through the full list of federal funding for projects here and here.

  • $48 million: To move toward expansion of the Port of Savannah, specifically to fully fund environmental monitoring at the Port for two years during construction and 10 years after construction.
  • $4.15 million: For the systems of 02 additional generators as well as the bathrooms and rest rooms for the construction of the expansion of the port of Savannah.
  • $6 million: Go to Lakewood Park in Atlanta, for the design and construction of sewer system upgrades.
  • $7.05 million: For a range of repairs at Carters Dam and Carters Lake.
  • $4.502 million: Replacement of oxygen line diffusers and lighting systems on the South Carolina side of the dam and Lake Richard B. Russell.
  • $1.475 million: For various camping improvements and other repairs at Lake Hartwell.
  • $446,000: To provide for the elimination of a rockfall threat around the Lake Allatoona dam.
  • $490,000: To stabilize the shoreline and repair damage to Sawnee Campground, as well as other maintenance work at Buford Dam and Lake Lanier.

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