Millions of People in the United States Pay Rent and “Fight Time” to Stop Peasant Evictions | Housing

Millions of Americans “in time” to get rent assistance by month’s end when federal moratorium on peasant evictions designed to help people cope with a coronavirus pandemic It’s in the battle.

The Moratorium on evictions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will end on June 30. Some states The protection of local donors will continue to be implemented. However, according to housing advocates, in most states rental aid, a vital lifeline for millions of people, may come too late.

Diane Jenter, President and CEO of Low Income Across the Country, said: housing Simultaneous (NLIHC).

In mid-May, 7.49 million American adults said they were not currently paying rent or a mortgage and had little or no confidence that they would be able to pay next month. According to the Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey..

So far, the moratorium on the evictions of peasants has continued to shelter many of these families. Last year there were 1.55 million fewer peasant evictions than those submitted in the normal year. According to estimate According to Eviction Lab.

Without the moratorium, they would have access to $ 46.55 billion With rental assistance Charged by the government to assist the donor and the donor, its distribution started slowly.

On the last day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, his administration issued guidelines that made it more difficult for people to access the program by requiring full documentation to prove their eligibility.

The Treasury revised its guidance in March and released new rules in May to facilitate the process.

Jenter said he was confident funds would flow more efficiently in the coming months, but that there was a “strong possibility” of reaching all tenants and landlords before the federal moratorium expired. I warned that there were. NLIHC wants an extension of the federal moratorium.

It’s too late for single mom Tiffany Leicester, who is raising two children aged 15 and 12 in Jacksonville. Florida.. She works as a nursing assistant and, during the pandemic, her time was reduced from over 40 hours a week to around 16 hours, and this year she was unable to pay her rent.

Lester, 36, applied for rent assistance as soon as it became available in April. She reapplied when additional funds became available in May. She did not receive any money from either program.

United Way in northeast Florida, which is processing the first round of claims, said it received 6,800 claims. A spokesperson said it could take weeks to distribute money through a “very detailed and careful” process, and Leicester was at the bottom of the waiting list due to standards set by the government. I did.

Lester said he would postpone the peasant’s eviction request if the owner showed evidence of a request for assistance, but said the owner submitted an eviction of the peasant within 48 hours of the evidence being shared.

“It was a lot of sleepless nights, a worrying day and a lot of tears,” Lester said. “It’s just scary, and it makes the owner say, ‘You didn’t want to pay us. “”

Three Rivers Legal Services, a non-profit law firm, managed to prevent her from leaving immediately due to the moratorium, but her lease quickly expired and the landlord said she couldn’t renew it. I did.

Fortunately, Leicester’s weather has returned to normal and she has found a new apartment. However, she is still waiting for rent assistance to pay off the debt of her current landlord.

Peter Hepburn running the Eviction Tracking System on Shrimp labThe First National Database on Peasant Evictions said the moratorium was the last significant protection for most tenants. “I think getting urgent rental assistance will help, but it will still dramatically increase the number of requests,” Hepburn said.

Hepburn then discovered that more money would be available in small rural states than in large urban states because of the way aid is allocated.

Black and Latino tenants, especially women Disproportionate risk of deportation As the moratorium expires, we face more uncertainty.

“It was a series of abandonments and mistakes that together resulted in a really inefficient and unfair distribution of this money,” Hepburn said. “I don’t know if this was done with the intention of penalizing the community of colors, but I think it will inevitably happen.”

Geographically, the eviction crisis is also unevenly distributed.

According to his analysis, in Wyoming, households can raise more than $ 5,167 in rent assistance, while in New York’s expensive rental market, households have access to $ 766.

However, in places like New York, there is some protection for donors even after the moratorium expires. In states like Florida and Texas, households have less rent assistance and landlords have no protection.

And without their protection, they would revert to a system that favors the owner.

In Florida, for example, people facing peasant evictions with unpaid rent must pay the money they owe to the court register within five days of the landlord’s submission of the peasant evictions. Otherwise, the owner will automatically win. If they can find the money and therefore cover the rent they rent, they are not yet sure of winning their case and risk losing their housing.

Natalie Maxwell, director of advocacy and litigation at Three Rivers Legal Services, said that after the moratorium expired, landlords went to court to seek these default rulings and landlords awaiting legal aid. rent. He said he hoped to move.

Maxwell said: “Our big concern right now is whether the money will arrive by June 30.”

Millions of People in the United States Pay Rent and “Fight Time” to Stop Peasant Evictions | Housing

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