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Tim Grant, a real estate agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers in Newnan, Georgia, has been a big supporter of Rocket Mortgage with his clients since working with the lender to finance his own home purchase.

“The process was incredibly straightforward, from the time we asked a question on the website to the loan officer’s call five minutes later to a pre-approval letter in 20 minutes,” says Grant.

Immersed in the industry just three years ago, Grant stresses his desire to provide a seamless experience for every client as the primary factor behind his decision to work with Rocket Mortgage.

Taking the stake even further, Grant uses the Rocket ProSM Insight platform, which provides real-time updates on the status of its clients’ mortgages.

“Rocket Pro Insight keeps me on top of the loan process by showing me where my clients are,” says Grant.

With full transparency of the loan process, Grant can see where each loan is, the terms of the loan, if additional documents are needed and when it will be closed.

“If the process is delayed, all I have to do is contact my dedicated agent relations manager to see what’s going on and how we can fix it,” says Grant, who says the lines of communication are open. with the Rocket Mortgage team as one of the main benefits of the partnership.

“I know who has the file at each step of the process and how to get it, which allows for seamless communication,” Grant says.

And while timing is important in helping a client with a real estate transaction, the ability to change pre-approval scores as part of company specifications has made things even easier.

“By using the pre-approval notes, I no longer have to wait for a mortgage banker or loan officer to respond to me with a revised pre-approval letter,” says Grant. “I can just go in and edit it myself to send the best offer to my client. “

Taking it a step further, Grant’s customers also benefit from its use of Rocket Pro Insight.

“They love that I’m able to stay on top of things for them,” notes Grant. “They are busy working so they don’t necessarily follow, but I can make sure they always know exactly what’s going on. “

For those who are not yet working with Rocket Mortgage, according to Grant, something is missing.

“Rocket Mortgage goes above and beyond to make sure my clients are taken care of, which is essential in an industry where customer relationships are so important,” concludes Grant. “With Rocket Mortgage, it’s not a lender and an agent, but rather a team that works together to make it happen. And you can’t put a value on having a relationship with a lending arm.

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