The Daily Recap: UGA received its first test of composure

Here is the September 26 edition of The Daily Recap presented by JFQ Lending.

Improve your calm

As Georgia’s win over Kent State didn’t go to plan, the Bulldogs were forced to stay calm and not let things get sideways as the Golden Flashes dragged on longer than expected.

After the match, the head coach Smart Kirby said it was actually a net positive for the program since that kind of play hadn’t happened yet. Given that Georgia has a number of players who are still gaining vital game experience, those kinds of moments can be beneficial over time.

“We have to keep our calm card in the back pocket. We can apply it at any time. We work and exercise that muscle all the time, and that hasn’t happened this year,” Smart said. “It happened several times today. I thought kids had to flex that (calm) muscle. You don’t feel a muscle is strong without using it, do you? We definitely need to use it today.

PFF Newsletter

Paul Maharry compiled the Pro Football Focus ratings from Saturday’s win over Kent State. Despite the struggling offense as a whole, the quarterback Stetson Bennet still came out with an overall rating of 88.2. Brock Bowers totaled an overall rating of 74.1, which seems a little odd considering his effectiveness as a playmaker for the Bulldogs.

Warren Brison led the defensive linemen with an 81.1 rating, which featured a 78.3 run defense.

The secondary didn’t fare as well, although the security dan jackson leads the way with an overall rating of 77.4.

By the numbers

Dave McMahon rounded up all the important stats from Georgia’s win over the weekend. It should be noted that Bowers has seven career carries, four of which are for touchdowns.

Also, run back Kenny McIntosh has 21 receptions in four games. Only four other former Bulldogs have recorded more than 21 receptions in four games since 1996, those players being AJ Green, Neighborhood Hines, Terrence Edwardsand Reggie Brown.

Post-game overreaction show

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