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“The midterm elections are only a few weeks away. I’m so excited I can barely stand it. Why? We should start receiving the oversized postcards from candidates that no one reads very soon. Don’t just put it in the recycling or the trash. Keep them. They are perfect for starting fires this fall.

“A Senate candidate who isn’t really a UGA graduate may not have what it takes to be a senator. In the United States Senate they frequently use big words and it will be lost.

“A Tesla Model X has over 300 miles of range, which should take you to Atlanta and back with plenty of juice to spare. You can charge it at home overnight, or if you’re in a hurry via a national grid superchargers that can fill it up in 25 minutes.

“Mr. Stossel, perhaps inadvertently, reveals the demand of every right wing hack crying to be undone. They want to be able to be mean to anyone without any repercussions. It’s just the moan of an upset bully that someone greater than them defended his victim.

“Biden’s speech at the UN was his usual shy and lukewarm response. The words hard and strong are not part of this man’s vocabulary.

“The Biden Mafia needs to be in jail.”

“You heard it here first: Donald Trump will walk out of every legal situation he finds himself in without any consequences. He will come out stronger than ever.

“I hope everyone is following what Stacey Abrams is telling students about abortion. We definitely don’t need her as Governor of Georgia.

“The country is in a very bad state. You can get run over for being a Republican.

“I agree with Governor Kemp on this thing with student loan forgiveness. I do not agree. They have to pay their way like everyone else has had to. By the way, is your President Biden going to sign a document saying we can take our mortgages off? What is the difference? We have to have a place to live, so why can’t he sign a paper, always sign something, to give us a discount on any mortgages or bills we might have? »

“To the former Atlanta Falcons fan who ditched his team. If you tie your happiness and self-esteem to professional sports, you’ll never be truly satisfied. Instead of wasting time with professional athletes, find or rediscover a hobby that gives you a real sense of self-worth.

“What’s behind all the grocery stores in Dalton suddenly playing this loud music on the PA system?” You can’t even hear yourself think and have to shout if you have a question for the cashier. We’re not all deaf, but I think some store managers must be.

“Robert Frost said it best: ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’ Excerpt from the poem “Mending Wall”.

“In response to a comment in Friday’s Forum. Anyone who thinks the state of Georgia is not the recipient of the current border crisis is either living under a rock or willfully ignoring statistical information.

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